lundi 27 octobre 2014

News - Calendar 2015 - Publications - Montreal

Hello dear readers,

After more than 1 month of lack I'm back and I have a lot of things to share with you, so be ready for some amount of new post here:)

  • First of all I want to told you that my NEW CALENDAR 2015 will be release in November (certainly the first week) and I'm so excited to share this new year with you. I worked very hard on it to bring you the best pictures that you deserve, this is why you will found some new never seen pictures that I made with the best international photographers. I can't say anything more for the moment. I'm very excited and I can't wait to release it.

  • I'm very in late with all the updates of my new and last publications, I will try to updated this on my Facebook page. A lot of great things happened and soon a big new international publication will coming so keeps your eyes open.

  • As some of you know (if you follow me on Instagram) last month I was in Montreal. We was there with my hubby for the Montreal Tattoo Convention (as he's tattoo artist every year he's invited to working during the convention) and for me it was the perfect opportunity to take some vacations as I didn't get back to Montreal with him for 3 years and I really missed. Like always it was fabulous and what I love the most in Montreal are the peoples who are so friendly, they really remind me of people where I lives (the french part of Belgium). I wish we stay a little bit longer so we could spent some days in New York (who's like 2 hours of travel by plan for Montreal) but I hope next time. Our schedule was very tight as my hubby has been invited to working on another tattoo convention in Belgium and I had planned to go to London on my return. By the way we spent really wonderful time and the weather was simply perfect, the real Indian summer. I will made another post with with favorite place for shopping in Montreal.

 Shooting time with Frank Lam.

The first day I had a massive breakfast at Cora.

Some Make-up shopping. Obviously. 

At the top of Montreal - Maison Smith.

The view was amazing.

Walking in the city. The weather was wonderful.
Meeting and shooting time with Elise Lecomte and Hellcath. It was a nice day can't wait to show you the pictures that we made with Elise, this girl is very talented.


Perfect Breakfast.

My Love during the Tattoo Convention. 
I'm so proud of him.

At the "Vieux Montreal" there is a beautiful shop called "Noel Eternel". 
A magical place.

My favorite Breakfast ever. 
I think you should know that it's my favorite meal of the day and of course with a lot fruits.

Dream houses.

A nice surprise at the exhibition before the Tattoo convention.

During my photoshoot with Marisa Parisella (Glamour Party Montreal) for one of her big project.
Wearing Stop Starring dress.

The beautiful boudoir and place work of my friend Audrey Ivory at Glamour Party Montreal.


With my Beautiful friends Audrey Ivory and Lavender May during the Tattoo convention. Was so happy to see you, love you ladies.

 Gare Windsor.

A little bit of Paris at the Square Victoria.

Square Victoria was so beautiful.

I was so Happy to see so many squirrels everywhere :) and I finally managed to capture a proper picture of one of them. I love squirrels.

"Le Vieux Port" remember me a little bit of Gotham City.

Anastasia Beverly Hills product. Wish we can have the same in Belgium. 

Best products ever for your brows.

Little break at D Liche.

With Love,