mardi 2 septembre 2014

Bésame Cosmetics - Be Glamorous everyday !

"Bésame Cosmetics is a cosmetics line by Argentine designer Gabriela Hernandez.  Made in the United States in 2004, Bésame products are handcrafted and all natural.  Its first line featured a unique vintage inspired collection of metal compacts and lipsticks based on Hernandez’s interpretation of designs from the ’30s and ’40s. The collection included rouge, lipstick, powder, mascara and pencils. The petite, gold plated items replicated authentic pieces of the period. This original collection can still be found exclusively through select retailers listed at My Week with Marilyn, The Artist, Madmen : Bésame already seduced professionals make-up artists and is more than ever ready to conquer the feminine world of beauty !"

What I love the most with Bésame Cosmetics is the vintage look of the products - the packaging (in red and gold color adorned with art-deco flowers) and the details will bring you back to the Golden Age of Hollywood.
The 40s has always been my all time favorite periods and who's influence me a lot and if you keep attention you can really see that the design his heavily influenced by the 40s. 
This is a kind of make-up line that you want to show to everyone and set up on your vanity table.
Bésame aspires to bring luxury, romance and elegance back into modern woman's beauty routine. Using their products will make you feel special and glamorous.

Picture by Onirique
Make-up / Hair / Styling by Acid Doll
Dress - Daisy dapper
Hat - Betsy Hatter Millinery
Earrings - Glitter Paradise

In this post I will talk about the products that I have from Bésame.
The only thing that I regret is that you can't make any order online if you are not from USA or Canada, therefore you need to find other alternative/website to make your order and the last one I made ​​took two months.

(my products)

Brightening Violet Powder

The Brightening Violet Powder is a translucent loose powder that adds just a hint of brightness for an instant lift to any complexion. 
Sets make-up beautifully and leaves a soft matte finish. 
The powder does not contain shimmers, but brightens because of the unique violet hue in this special formula. Deliciously fragrant, it suits any skin tone. 
You can wear it alone, over foundation or to add a lightness to tired eyes and under eye circles. And when it's run out you can just buy a refill.

No need to explain why this is my favorite, just looking at the packaging and the scent I was impressed and in love. Even the box is beautiful. I wear this powder every day and it's really amazing finish touch.
This product is especially appealing with it's light fragrance and subtle violet hue. I love scent of powder combined with the old 1940's nostalgia of the packaging.
The delicate scent of violets fills the air but don't worry the smell is not at all cloying.

Picture by Onirique
Make-up / Hair / Styling by Acid Doll
Dress - Daisy dapper
Hat - Betsy Hatter Millinery
Earrings - Glitter Paradise


Bésame Lipsticks are the most delectable lipstick with a semi-matte finish and one coat full coverage.
These lipsticks have beneficial skin ingredients, they are enriched with vitamins (A, C and E), aloe and green tea. Your lips will love it!
They have the highest natural pigment content that I have ever seen for a smooth, indelible and feather-proof finish.
They all comes with a gorgeous velvet pouch for storage.
The vintage reproduction colors are actual lipstick shades worn during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Portrait Pink shade

This is a mid peachy-pink, with the subtlest hint of shimmer, ideal for pale skin tones.
The strikingly elegant 1940’s style case, gold-plated and bullet-shaped make this lipstick a perfect Vintage reproduction also about the color.
The pigmentation is really impressing and it lasts very long. It's my favorite lipstick for natural look.
Also I love the "bullet" shape of the lipstick.
If you have, like me, heart-shaped lips with the upper lip in natural "V" shape (with defined cupid's bow shape) it's will be so easy to put it without lip brush, to contour and to accentuate the form of your lips.

For instant rosy cheeks and lips, there is nothing more timeless than Besame Crimson Cream Rouge. 
A simple dab or two of this rouge, and you will looks instantly prettier! 
This is a cream formula meant to provide cheek and/or lips with a naturally hued flush. Because yes you can use it on your lips to you give a most softy sensual pinky-red lips (the long-lasting color work well on lips.)
Apply straight from the tin with your fingertips (or with a brush for a more precise look) to lips and cheeks using light patting motions. It's blends very easily and feels weightless.
If you want to intensify the look, or prolong the wear of powder blush, you can use it as a base.

It's fit into any skin tone even if I think that it's a little bit too dark when you are pale like me so be sure you have the hand lighter (even if you need to put little more products after)

The image of a rosy-cheeked girl on the box is enough to fill you with nostalgia for the timeless sophistication of '30s and '40s.
It's a classic must-have !

Besame Kenly Collins scarf and lipstick set

The Kenley Collins for Besame Cosmetics Gift Set features a bright and bold cool red lipstick in Besame’s signature gold plated bullet shape. It pairs well with the chiffon scarf created by Kenley Collins, Project Runway designer, whose inspiration was 50’s Americana with a clean, modern look. The bright colors and floral print are stunning worn with the matching Kenley Red lipstick. 

Photographer: Lyne Photography
Make-up / Hair / Styling by Acid Doll
Dress - Daisy dapper 

Like the "Portrait Pink", the color and the pigmentation are amazing. I have a lot of red lipsticks from different brand but this one is definitely my favorite red and since the last 3 months it's the only red that I wear.

In the future, I hope to try their foundation(I heard a lot of good things about it) and some other lipsticks like the Merlot shade who's look amazing.

And you, have you ever used Bésame's products ? 
What do you think about them? 
Which one is your favorite ?