dimanche 3 août 2014

Months in pictures - July

Hello dear readers,

My first "months in pictures" post received some positives feedback so here is a new one.

July is already over and I can't believe how time goes fast.
I try to ensure that each months are wonderful by surrounding myself with the peoples that I love, doing things that makes me happy, wake up every morning and feeling blessed and grateful for the life that I have.
It's the little things and the little pleasures of life that makes it so beautiful.

I was very busy this month, but hard work always pay, and this is why I didn't publish actually all the posts that I was supposed to (I working on 4-5 posts).

Also if you are in Google+ and if you want to be sure to see my last posts you can now follow me

Wish you a wonderful sunday.

New Chandelier arrived at home. 
I was looking for months.

I made a "Tarte aux Fraises" for the first time and it was delicious. Very popular dessert here in Belgium but also in France.
Served with fresh chopped mint.

Happy after a great relaxing weekend.

I love Butterflies.

This month my nails was in Pastel Lilac. 

Vintage Rose by J.Horace McFarland, 1911.

Oh Hello Foxy.
1920's Deco style brooch from Erstwilder.

Homemade Brownies with walnuts.

"Kiss Me like this"
I have something with pictures of Vintage Couples. 
They are so romantic, opulent, seductive, intimate and they always make me think of My Love.

New brooches from Luxulite.

Received my Vintage Lucite Purse.

Had a nice shooting with Lyne Photography.
Some pictures are already on my Fanpage.

Beautiful Stop Starring Dresses.
Amazing quality and great to wear.
Can't wait to shoot them.

The best place on earth with My Love.

Fireworks for the 14th July that we celebrate here in Liege.