samedi 5 juillet 2014

Months in pictures

Hello dear readers,

Today I decided to publish a "pictures" post. Like a melting pot of the previous weeks/months.
This is usually the content that you can find on my Instagram and Twitter but I think it's also nice to include it on my blog and share with you some daily stuff and snapshot pictures.
I will certainly made more post like this, a "week/month in pictures".

Hope you will enjoy.

Home sweet Home.

Very proud to be on the cover of the new edition of Vintage Flaneur.
Thank you Myriam.
You can seek all pictures of this set with Damona-Art here.

My Love always knows how to surprise me.
Celebrate love every day.

Atomic Stardust brooches and Vintage Necklace. 
Thanks to The Crave Yard for this lovely gifts.
See you in September in Montreal.

Business meeting in London with Aimee from What Katie Did, some exciting projects will coming soon
Aimee was so kind and lovely.

Love these beauties from What Katie Did.

It was bow day. 
Beautiful Blouse from Madchentraum.

Giant Peonies in our garden.

Thanks to Pinup Girl Clothing to made my dreams come true.

Testing some actions on photoshop.

Late breakfast. 
I made some delicious pancakes with chocolate (I found an american recipe).

I went to see Maleficent, wearing my Fairytale dress from Pinup Girl Clothing.

I love Luxulite brooches. 
My collection is growing.

New goal, new life. 
Very excited.

In Blue mood.

We were in the Titanic.
Amazing exhibition in Brussel.

Boarding Pass.

True story of one of the passengers.
Unfortunately he didn't survive.
This exhibition was full of emotions.

Celebrating our 6 years together - can't imagine my life without him.

Stuff for My Boudoir.

The Tiki Queen will be back soon ! 
Amazing jewelry set from Glitter Paradise.
Stay tuned.

Gift from my mother.

Received a beautiful illustration from a lovely fan.
Thank you Yoli Inacio.

Perfect Vegan lunch.

Thank you Daisy Dapper.
On the first page of their online store:

In love with my Melissa shoes.
I bought them in London with my dear friend Dita.

Collectif dress with Luxulite brooch fits perfectly together.

I have the most amazing followers and supporters.
Thank you Natalie for this amazing gift!
You should follow the blog of this beautiful lady: