dimanche 13 juillet 2014

Golden Age Music

Hello dear readers,

As a musician and singer I always wanted to make pictures with everything who's related at "music".
I actually made 2 sets (in 2012 and 2013) that I really love and I will plan to make so more in the future (I have a lot of ideas).
I have chance to work with great photographers who understand what I have in my mind and I'm grateful.

Let me introduce these 2 sets.

"Radio Vintage"

Picture by Damona-art
Styling / Make-up / Hair by Acid Doll
Hair Flower by Lila- Jo
Earrings: Be-Angeled
Clothes: Nudeedudee Mercantile
Thanks to Radiomuseum Brabant
March 2013

I've been mainly inspired by this picture for the styling and the general ambient.
I wanted to keep it a really classic 1940s style, one of my favorite era.
When I showed this picture to Damona, she immediately knew how to work on the shooting and she made a great job.

Damona is my "partner in crime" since a couple of time. 

We really know how to work with each other and we have the same habit to prepare our shooting. It's so easy to work with someone who share your passion and has the same goal than you.
We prepare you many more surprises.

"Tribute to Marilyn Monroe"

Marilyn Monroe at NBC Radio, August 31, 1952

I was inspired by this picture of Marilyn Monroe and I wanted to make a "Tribute" picture.
And this is the result:

Picture by Ewa Cieszkowska in 2012 in Paris
Styling by me

We didn't need more pictures because this is really what we wanted to have and I think we did it well.
I love shooting with Ewa Cieszkowska, this girl is full of creativity and so fun, it's always such a great time.
I made one of my best "classic" pin-up and glamour pictures with her, this girl know how to put a woman on her top, to make you feel glamorous and attractive.
I hope we will had the opportunity to work again together.

If you are in Paris, I really recommend you to contact her for a shooting, you will not be disappointed.
Take a look at her website:

With Love,