mardi 24 juin 2014

Lindy Bop part II - Claudette dress

Hello dear readers,

Today I bring you back to the 1950s with this beautiful dress from Lindy Bop.


The female silhouette, as shaped by clothes, changed dramatically postwar.

Christian Dior's first couture collection in 1947 featured the "Bar" suit, which was defined by a structured jacket, tightly cinched at the waist, that blossomed into a full, swinging skirt. 
Carmel Snow, the editor in chief of "Harper's Bazaar", declared this line the "New Look", and by the early fifties the full skirt was being widely copied and mass produced.

This Dress really look like a perfect adaptation of one of the dress from the brand Kay Windsor (founded by Carl J. Shapiro in 1939).

For the hair, I turn it into a classic Pageboy hairstyle. This is the perfect hairstyle for summer days or when you have a "lazy hair day". So elegant and very quick to achieve.
I wanted something simple without hat or hair flower so all the attention is focused on the dress.
I just decided to accessorize it with an atomic brooch from this set of 3 beautiful handpainted atomic stardust from The Crave Yard

Thanks to Donna Photography for the pictures.
Make-up / Hair / Styling by Me

(frame made by My Love)

With Love,