mardi 24 juin 2014

Lindy Bop part II - Claudette dress

Hello dear readers,

Today I bring you back to the 1950s with this beautiful dress from Lindy Bop.


The female silhouette, as shaped by clothes, changed dramatically postwar.

Christian Dior's first couture collection in 1947 featured the "Bar" suit, which was defined by a structured jacket, tightly cinched at the waist, that blossomed into a full, swinging skirt. 
Carmel Snow, the editor in chief of "Harper's Bazaar", declared this line the "New Look", and by the early fifties the full skirt was being widely copied and mass produced.

This Dress really look like a perfect adaptation of one of the dress from the brand Kay Windsor (founded by Carl J. Shapiro in 1939).

For the hair, I turn it into a classic Pageboy hairstyle. This is the perfect hairstyle for summer days or when you have a "lazy hair day". So elegant and very quick to achieve.
I wanted something simple without hat or hair flower so all the attention is focused on the dress.
I just decided to accessorize it with an atomic brooch from this set of 3 beautiful handpainted atomic stardust from The Crave Yard

Thanks to Donna Photography for the pictures.
Make-up / Hair / Styling by Me

(frame made by My Love)

With Love,

samedi 21 juin 2014

Vivien of Holloway - Victory Rose

Hello dear readers,

Another crazy weekend started for me but I can't resist to share with you some pictures from my last shooting.

This Vivien of Holloway dress is one of my Birthday gifts from my hubby.
It's actually my 4th dress from VOH and I'm always satisfied with their products.
This dress had everything to please me: the cutting (swing dress), the fit, the elegant bust area with this "wrap top" which flatters any size bust and of course the color with these beautiful purple roses. And if you know me a little bit more now you all know that purple is my all time favorite color so it was so evident when I saw this dress ! I felt in love

This is a very limited edition print so hurry up and don't miss it!

If you never ordered before at VOH you need to be aware as their sizes are not the same as the "high street".
So don't hesitate to contact them for a size advice and if you have chance to visit them in London their lovely and smiling sellers will advice and help you with pleasure.

You can also take a look at the Size Guide:

Visiting VOH last month in London

Thanks to Donna Photography for the pictures.
Make-up / Hair / Styling by Me
Hat by my lovely friend Carolina from Jazzafine

I feel like a purple princess in this dress.

With Love,

jeudi 19 juin 2014

Love ur Look - vintage clothing

Hello dear readers,
Today I would like to introduce you an England brand: Love ur Look !
Love ur Look is a feminine, flattering, unique, ethical and affordable clothing.
All the designs are made to enhance and embrace the female form.
Combining a love for vintage clothing and kitsch style prints, what I really love !

"Love ur Look is the brainchild of Stylizers founder Ronke Fashola.
Combining cute prints , vintage inspiration from the 1940/50s & the beauty of a women's body into the designs.

All fabrics are sourced from up-cycled fabric markets throughout India which makes the collection unique and ethically sourced and produced. Ronke spends a great deal of time in India working in the factories to ensure her production is of a high standard for her customers.

Designs come in size 8 - 20 and prices start at £20.00

Love ur Look Clothing is designed to give everyone who wears one of the ethically made pieces confidence and a new found love for fashion! 
All trims and fabrics are sourced from ethical markets in India. 

Bespoke designs are also available"

For this shooting I wore this lovely 1950s style postcard print dress. I really love this print, so colorful. I can easily imagine the housewives in 1950s wearing this kind of dress for a casual look.

You can buy the dress here:

Pictures by Onirique
Make-up / Hair / Styling by me
Earrings - Bow and Crossbones
Brooch - Maedchentraum
Shoes - Bel Aire from Miss L Fire
Nylons - Cervin
Hair scarf - vintage

Here is a little interview with Ronke

What inspired you to start your business? 
Starting my own brand had always been a life dream of mine. With my love for vintage and knowledge of working in the industry it felt like a natural progression. I have been a personal stylist and seen a great deal of wardrobes so felt confident about what women wanted and needed. I felt confident about what a real women’s body was like and wanted to make a fun, unique and ethically conscious range. 
What is your professional background – training, past employment or any other experiences that have influenced your decision to start-up? 
I studied fashion and business, marketing, PR & finance at the London College of Fashion which lead me to a career  as a fashion buyer for high street brands such as Newlook and Bhs as well working in  Hong Kong & Germany and for small boutique brands. Working with such a wide range of companies enabled me to understand what it takes to create a commercial and profitable range strong and understand the manufacturing and technical garment side of creating a range. 
I was able to gain my more in-depth technical knowledge such as pattern cutting while visiting factories, watching and asking questions, plus many trial and error moments along the way. As well as buying I have experience as a personal stylist (Stylizers style consultancy) which I have done for over 10 years. I’m currently running & growing LoveurLook and working at the London College of fashion as a business studies pathway leader for international students which, I love immensely as they are extremely supportive of my LoveurLook ! 
How would you describe your business venture?
Love ur Look is a vintage inspired collection which is inspired by the 1950s and 1940s. The fabrics are all sourced from surplus fabric and trims markets making the collection sustainable. I produce the majority of my collection in India and stay out there for 1-2 mths at a time creating my collection with my factory. As I have direct contact with my factory and work with my team in India the working environment is ethical and all the workers are paid fairly.
The collection is all about enhancing and embracing the female form; with fun and vintage inspired prints the designs are not only flattering but stylish and wearable by all.
How did you get into the vintage style?
I’ve been wearing vintage before it was called vintage. Before Camden is what it is today.. When second hand shops had dresses from 1970s 60s in them not just Primark as they do today.. So for  a very long time.
Describe your style? 
A massive mix of all eras.. I love the 1950s for the glamour and the quality of the products. How people took time and thought about what they were going to wear. I have a mix of vintage from the 1930s- 80s in my wardrobe. Not 90s as I don’t see this as vintage..    
What makes your business different? What can your customers expect?
My prints are all up cycled from surplus markets. My trims buttons are also vintage or surplus which makes my collection unique in comparison to other vintage reproduction brands. I’m also working on a bigger collection of my own designed prints for LoveurLook for 2015.
I also pride myself in the attention to detail, which I get complemented on all the time from my customers.  I line all of my dresses.. So often you pay for £40 or more for a dress or skirt and it has no lining.. This drives me crazy...
Do you have any future plans that you can share? 
Yes lots.. but I’ve don’t like to talk about them until they are all confirmed.
Let us share your links:

Next events and locations in England where you can find and shop Love ur Look. 
Don't miss them!


dimanche 8 juin 2014

Daisy Dapper - A swedish love affair !

Hello dear readers,

I hope you had a nice week and that you spend your sunday like you deserve it.
For me, sunday is my favorite day of the week, I usually bakes a cake, relaxing in my sofa with my man and my cat (like always we watching horror movies), reading, enjoying the calm, when the weather is good we like to walk in the park enjoying the sun or going in flea markets.

It's also the day where I do some little extra things that I didn't had time during the week, like reorganize my jewelry and my nylon stockings, copy the recipes I tested during the week in my cookbook.

It's important to take care of yourself and spending time with the ones you love.

Today I would like to talk to you about one of my favorite vintage inspired brand: Daisy Dapper

Daisy Dapper is a brand that we don't need anymore to introduce as it has managed to make a place among the top brands as a true reference for vintage reproduction from 1940s until 1960s.

Swedish brand runs by Matilda Hanning, a lovely and cute 24 years old girl who lives in Stockholm, it's became a very popular brand who's released they fourth collection this spring (and I wish them many more).
Dresses, top, skirt, short, pants, playsuit the choice is big. You can also found clothes from other brand and some vintage outfit.

I remember the first time that I heard about Daisy Dapper it was in 2009-2010 through the pictures of the beautiful Tifa Hogberg who's modelled their brand (I always admired Tifa's style, a pinup queen !)
I was so excited and bewitched by all the models, the different styles dresses, the colors, the pattern and the cut. So vintage !
I've never imagined that one day I will wear one of them.

Marilyn Dress in pink

This dress is my favorite !

I love pastel pink dress and it's perfect for summer and spring days. 
So soft and elegant with these decorative lace with flowers on top and fine detail in back with matching button. 
You don't need too many props with this dress because the collar and the shape do all the work, a pair of earrings, gloves or bracelet, little hat or flowers and you are ready !

This beautiful hat is by Besty Hatter Millinery (thank you Siofra)
I wearing a 18th century inspired shepherdess style hat.
Betsy Hatter is specialising in bespoke vintage inspired and costume hats.
Don't hesitate to contact her is you want to same one, something similar and/or for  any all special orders.
She's a sweetheart.

Pictures by Onirique
Make-up / Hair / Styling by me
Dress by Daisy Dapper
Earrings by Glitter Paradise
Bracelet by 1989Jewelry

The Megan dress and the Joan Dress

I already mentioned it on my instagram account 2 months ago when I received my first Daisy Dapper pencil dresses: they are simply the most amazing pencil dresses that I've never worn. Honestly I've never had such a stunning pencil dresses. 
I'm "petite" (155cm - 5'2") so wearing pencil dress is not always easy with my size and measurements, sometimes the dress is to long, the bust area to big or to small but here is completely different, it's look like it's made to measure: everything is perfect, the bust area, the waist, the shoulder and the quality.
I wear XS and it's truly the right size.
The dresses are so comfortable and we did not feel tightened like we couldn't move one (this may be the case with some pencil dresses)

Here I modeling The Megan dress in brown.

An elegant dress, simple but incredibly stylish. Angled collar with bow detail and matching belt.
For all active womens who want to stay beautiful and feel like a "Femme Fatale"

This color is no longer available on the website (as it's from the autumn/winter collection) but you can shop it in more "springful" colors:

Special portait for my precious ones, Charlie from Glitter Paradise (earrings and brooch) and Caroline from Jazzafine (flowers)
I love you ladies.

Picture by Damona-Art
Make-up/ Hair / Styling by me 
Dress by Daisy dapper 
Earrings and brooch by Glitter Paradise
Location: My Home

The Joan dress is (like the Megan one) a Mad Men inspired dress with a rounded collar, matching buttons and belt.

Also available in 3 colors:

for me this dress is the perfect twin sister from the Megan dress, the shape is exactly the same, the "Va Voom" effect style there just the collar is different.

Earrings by Glitter Paradise
Nylon scarf is vintage

And you, do you have a Daisy Dapper dress ?
What do you think about it ?
What's your favorite one ?

Wish you all a wonderful sunday.
Sending you Love.