samedi 31 mai 2014

Tea time with Lindy Bop

Hello dear readers,

As a tea lover since my youngest age (thanks to my mom, at home we only drank tea or water) I always wanted to make a special "Tea time" shooting.
Something like "how I imagine a day where I will host a tea time party with my dearest friends".
I imagine it with some fresh baked cakes , pastries, fruits, some gifts for my guests and of course some variety of my favorite teas.
But I will not talk about tea here, I reserve you this special topic for an upcoming post :)

So for this special shooting I decided to wear this very romantic and pretty dress from Lindy Bop the "Hetty Dress in floral Pattern"


This is a very classic vintage fifties inspired swing dress with a bow shawl collar in stretch cotton fabric.
I wear size 8 (I'm 34'-24'-33' with D cup) and it fits perfectly. This dress is very comfortable and ideal for any occasions.
A thing that I like with Lindy Bop is that they offer a very affordable dresses in good quality. You are not going to ruin your budget on a dress. So for girls who's looking for some classic cut dress (like the Audrey Hepburn style dress), floral dresses or beginner in modeling it's a good way to start. Each style comes in different patterns or colors.

Even if these dresses has already been seen or worn by many girls, this is how you wear it who will make the difference. 

- Add some extra touch with matching earrings.
- Find a hat or fascinators in the same color.
- if your dress is in plain color why not add a little brooch ?

Be creative, have fun, be yourself.

Pictures Damona-Art
Make-up / Hair / Styling by Acid Doll
Dress: Lindy Bop
Earrings & Ring: Glitter Paradise
Location: My antique dining room.

With Love,

mercredi 7 mai 2014

Garden Lover - Vanity project by Limb Clothing

Hello dear readers,

Remember my last post where I talked to you about the second part of my last shooting ? 
Here is it.

But first let's talk about the dress that I wear.
It's an England brand, let me introduce you "Vanity Project by Limb Clothing".

"Here at Limb we design and make the 'Vanity Project' range of vintage inspired dresses. Using the finest fabrics and trimmings sourced worldwide. Hand cut patterns to ensure a great fit for modern women who want a chic and stylish look from a vintage era."

I bought my first dress 4 years ago, if I remember well, during the Brussel Tattoo Convention.
I'd already heard about Limb Clothing and seen pictures of various models wearing their dresses but I'd never seen their products "in real", this was the perfect opportunity! 

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and the wide choice of pattern. 
There were also a lot of different designs: Pencil, 1940s inspired Tea dress, Swing, Hawaiian, and much more.
For each design you have a large choice of pattern, you will always find the perfect dress for you.

The one that I wear is called "Day Dress", it's a beautiful dress with 3/4 length sleeve, deep pleated skirt and sash tie in a 100% cotton with a fabulous Toile de Jouy print.
If you following me on Instagram, you certainly know that my last obsession is "Toile de Jouy" so when I saw this dress I completly felt in love.
This dress is very flattering and comfortable, to wear for any occasion.

It was a really relaxing and creative afternoon with Damona-Art.
A kind of saturday that we both appreciate.

Enjoy everything that nature gives us. One of her most wonderful gift is flowers with the various colors and especially their smell.

Pictures by Damona-Art

Make-up / Hair / Styling by Acid Doll

Necklace & Ring: Glitter Paradise

Shoes: Miss L Fire

Nylon Stockings: Cervin Paris / Cervin Arsoie / L'arsoie Cervin

April 2014 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures like we enjoyed that day.

Sending you love,