samedi 22 mars 2014

Vintage Hairstyle - Sponge Rollers wet set

Hello everyone, 
After a lot of requests I finally decided to start my blog.
It will not going to be only on my "modeling" work, I will also share some tips about hairstyle, make-up, my favorite brands etc.

I will work more on the design of the blog soon.

English is not my first language and I have never claimed to write perfectly in english, so I apologize in advance for grammar faults.

So let's get started!

This first post will be on "Hairstyle" and how to achieve this classic 1930s-1940s look with sponge rollers. 
I'm obsessed with a good hairstyle. I have a couple of book, I do a lot of research and I learn about the different techniques to get the best result that suits my hair.

This is one of my favorite hairstyle and it's really easy to do.

It's not going to be a "step by step" tutorial (you can find a lot of them on youtube) but I will only share with you my tips and some basic things, that I learned, to help you achieve this look.

Materials that you will need:
- sponges rollers
- brushes
- hairspray
- water
- pomade

I use 2 size of sponge rollers: big one (3cm) and small one (2cm) I usually take all the big one and I keep the smaller in the front of my head and for the small pieces of hair on the back. But it's not really an important detail here. What's important is how you are going to roll them.

- To create the perfect waves you need to play with your sponge direction. Start to roll the first one under it, then roll the second one up and finish with the third one under it. it's as simple as that.

- When you roll your hair NEVER tight them ! It's going to give you much tighter curl and this is not what we want here. Just slowly roll your hair section.

- This is a wet hair so obviously you need to sleep with them. 

If during the process your hair becomes less wet, don't hesitate to spray them with some water.
Be careful if your hair is too wet, they will not be completely dry the day after (If they are not dry the curls will not stay and the result will not be good) you need to find the perfect balance, it's depending on your hair.

- I didn't use any setting lotion for this hairstyle.

- It takes me around 20-25 min to set it.

- The secret for nice curls and to remove all the frizz is brushing. I never brush them less than 30minutes. B
rush them slowly to no break the curls.

- For a smooth and natural effect, I use pomade (my favorite is the Layrite original pomade) and finish with a touch of hairspray.

That's basically all. Here is the final result.

A specific haircut will also help you for a better result (but it's not an obligation)
The haircut that I have is called "Middy Haircut" it was a popular haircut in 1940s. Just search on google for "middy haircut diagram".

For more informations about the "Middy Haircut" I recommend you to watching this video by the wonderful Lisa Freemont.

Another video that you absolutely need to watch is from this lovely lady A Vintage Vanity
Her videos are the best and I learned a lot.

Last but not least: practice and be patient.
Like for everything, it's all about practice. We have all different kind of hair, some things can work for me but could never work for your hair. Experiment, try different techniques, research on books and websites. Today we have a chance for having internet so you can find a lot of tutorials on blogs/youtube channels etc.

I hope this help you.

With Love,